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The Age of Attention Economics

Information manipulation has always been key to filtering features, advantages, and benefits of a product to the masses, but just how much information can seriously be consumed in the digital age without devices exploding?  This is exactly the flash point when attention becomes the valued commodity instead of the product.

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How Do You Become an Addict? Quick, Safe Recovery from Addiction Available from Dr. Dalal Akoury

No one intends to become an addict. So how do substance abusers, alcoholics, sex addicts, and over eaters become addicted? Once introduced to addictive substances, or issues, patients will develop physical and emotional dependencies that are extremely difficult to stop and can lead to death if not treated. Millions are becoming “legally” addicted because of over prescription of pharmaceutical drugs, mainly narcotic pain killers, from their trusted family physicians and unknowingly transforming themselves into addicts. There’s becoming a blurred line between addicts who get their high on illegal street drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and other opiate based narcotics, and those who are getting unnecessary prescriptions of oxycontin, percocet, and vicadin, and other legal drugs. Often popping pills like jelly beans, “legal” addicts can hide behind the false pretense that because their drugs are from a doctor they must be ok, after all a doctor wouldn’t do anything to harm a patient. As seen in the documentary film, American Addict, there is a huge business surrounding the health care profession and prescription drugs, with billions …

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Dr. Dalal Akoury and Addiction Recovery and Treatment Education

  Addiction and recovery are a complex issue affecting the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalance of the body of those addicted to drugs or alcohol, but there is effective and safe help available. One of the most difficult things to overcome is the craving for the addictive substance. From years of substance abuse, the brain is adversely affected and only wishes for the pleasure and feeling from the substance. Once the addictive substance alters the brain function, it interferes with the ability to think clearly, reason properly, or remember. Those in the medical and mental health community are seeing that addictions are not just affecting those who live a marginal lifestyle, but also affects their peers and those in executive type professions. More often than not, many do not seek assistance because of embarrassment or loss of stature in the community. “By focusing on how much effort you put into drugs or alcohol and giving yourself up to the substance, you condition your brain to believe that you are an addict and going to be one for …