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Dr. Scott Bonn, PhD. Launches DocBonn.Com

New York City, NY– Dr. Scott Bonn, PhD “Doc Bonn” launches his new website, on Monday, February 13. The website is devoted to Doc Bonn’s expertise in the motivations and behavioral patterns of criminals, especially serial killers.  Bonn also has expertise in domestic violence, white-collar crime, terrorism, criminal profiling and how the media shape crime stories. In addition to being Professor of Criminology at Drew University, Dr.Scott Bonn is a media analyst and commentator who frequently consults the press on high-profile cases. Doc Bonn is currently researching and writing a popular book on the public’s interest in serial killers that is tentatively titled, “Monster Dearest: Our Fascination with Serial Killers and Why We Need Them.” His research includes interviews and discussions with a few of the nation’s best known incarcerated serial killers. He is also the author of “Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq,” the critically acclaimed book on propaganda and war crime. Doc Bonn’s new website showcases his recent articles and media appearances that offer commentary on important and far reaching subjects such as the Long Island serial killer, medical …