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Diane Fanning Continues Giving Away Books! Celebrating 20th Published Book in 2013

Facebook has been in abuzz since the first of the year as author, Diane Fanning, is engaging fans and followers to join her book giveaway contests every month for the whole year of 2013. Celebrating the release of her 20th book in April 2013, Fanning’s fans are taking advantage of stocking up on some of her older titles, as well as signed books from her personal collection. Each month she runs a different contest on her Facebook pages insure that fans of her complete works are able to participate. Along with her personal Diane Fanning Facebook page, she also has one for True Crime Books and in the name of her fictional character, Lucinda Pierce. Diane Fanning’s 20th book, Sleep My Darlings, scheduled for an April 30, 2013 release, puts another notch in the belt of the Edgar Award Finalist author. Sleep My Darlings is the true story of Julie Schenecker who shot and killed her two teen children, 16-year-old Calyx and 13-year-old Beau, in their home in Tampa, Florida. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the trial, scheduled for October …

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BLOODSTAINS Author Jeff Mudgett Participating in Men of Mystery Event

On November 16, 2013 the annual Men of Mystery event will be held at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Irvine, CA hosting over 50 of the nation’s top male mystery writers from 9am-4pm. This highly popular one day event brings the 50 writers together with fans, readers, and aspiring writers with the opportunity to purchase signed books and have one on one conversations over a sumptuous lunch. Jeff Mudgett, author of best-selling,  self-published book, BLOODSTAINS, is among the honored writers featured at the Men of Mystery event. Mudgett will be on hand to chat with readers, sign books and mingle with fellow authors. Mudgett isn’t a traditionally published author as many of the top mystery writers may be. Although offered lucrative deals from publishers, Jeff Mudgett made the decision to keep control of his writing, to continue to make his own decisions about the way the book would be portrayed in future endeavors. Jeff Mudgett says, “Self-publishing provides all of us our greatest tool ever to express our 1st Amendment rights. The mistakes I made …

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Diane Fanning Book Event at Hastings in New Braunfels, Texas

Diane Fanning will be signing copies of her books on Saturday, March 10, including her latest true crime, HER DEADLY WEB at Hastings in New Braunfels, Texas. HER DEADLY WEB is the true account of Raynella Dossett Leath,  murder, and more! It has a cattle stampede, an attempted murder, a three-shot-suicide, medical examiners threatening to shoot law enforcement officials, a secret city and a love child. The trail of death in the case, however, does not begin and end with a beloved barber, but winds its way up to the highest levels of law enforcement in this city. There was a fatal car crash, a love child, a missing will and, strangest of all, the 1992 death, officially by cattle stampede, of the Knox County prosecutor, Ed Dossett, who happened to be Ms. Dossett Leath’s first husband at the time. The New York Times Diane Fanning is the author of several  true crime books, including MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, about the life and death of Caylee Anthony. She is also a crime novelist with five books in …