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Shattered Lives: Horry County, SC Police Chief Saundra Rhodes

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE   With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Saundra Rhodes was honored to accept the role of Chief of the Horry County SC Police Department in 2012. Why would this be something worth talking about in an age where women have come a long way in law enforcement positions? Saundra Rhodes humbly says she isn’t interested in making history, but more excited that she was afforded the confidence of her peers to give her the position. ImaginePublicity had the pleasure of being present at a talk which Chief Rhodes gave to a local Myrtle Beach chapter of Zonta International. Learning about her background and upbringing, it’s no wonder she developed into the strong and honorable person she is today. One of the fastest growing counties in South Carolina, Horry County encompasses the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach, the hub …

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Dalal Akoury, MD Hosting “Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury” on FOX TV

Dalal Akoury, MD will be host to a local FOX affiliate health matters television show. The debut broadcast is scheduled for 12:30 pm Eastern time Wednesday, June 5. Your Health is Wealth will broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on WFXB FOX TV cable channel 7 allowing reach to maximum number of viewers interested in improving their health status, have questions about Obamacare, or wish to learn about new and innovative health practices. Dr. Akoury aims to create programming that will offer open dialogue between national experts in the field of wellness, preventative, integrative and proactive medicine, the medicine of the future. Your Health is Wealth promises to be the voice of wellness and be a leader in the natural evolution, or revolution, of healthcare and wellness. It represents the juncture of patient and physician creating a hybrid that will impact healthcare by disseminating awareness and education about integrative healthcare. By developing a health and wellness forum the result will be ways to realize incredible cost savings that will assist in the healthcare crisis and focus on …


Janet Hosmer Opens Life in Balance Spiritual Wellness Center

The mission of Life in Balance, Inc. is to facilitate the study of matters of interest to those seeking knowledge of Universal Laws and the Divine in order to find the power of God within themselves. (Opening June 1) The Grand Strand area will soon be home to the Life in Balance Spiritual Wellness Center  opening their physical doors on June 1st near Myrtle Beach, SC.  Executive Director Janet Hosmer’s personal philosophies are deeply rooted in her study of Metaphysics, “the branch of philosophy which studies fundamental principles intended to describe or explain all that is.” She received her PhD from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is ordained by the Wisdom of the Heart Church in California. Life in Balance, Inc. offers the public the opportunity for the study and practice of several modalities helping individuals find the perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit, along with workshops, speakers and practitioners offering education and instruction.  The facility, located at 4347 Big Barn Drive in Little River, SC, also has a state-of-the art multipurpose room which …


ImaginePublicity Sponsors Tour Stop to Remember the Missing Persons of South Carolina

On Saturday, October 29 at 10am family members of the missing, along with members of the community, law enforcement, media and speakers will gather at Chapin Park at 1400 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.  South Carolina has approximately 125 known open missing persons cases, some recent and many that have gone cold.  ImaginePublicity hopes to add to the awareness of each of them by hosting a stop along the CUE Center for Missing Persons’ Road to Remember Tour in Myrtle Beach. Each year CUE Center for Missing Persons hits the road across several states in order to bring awareness to communities of the magnitude of a silent epidemic, missing persons.  This year’s tour will cover the following states: NC, TN, SC, TX, MS, AL, FL, LA .  Every year, Monica Caison and representatives from CUE travel a different route in order to bring needed attention in the media and each community. The annual tour was created to generate new interest in cold cases of missing people across our nation. The inspiration came in 2004 from the case of North Carolina …


Once Again the Jane Wayne of Justice Rides With the Outlaws!

Burl Barer and Outlaw Radio Welcome Susan Murphy Milano to True Crime Uncensored! Saturday, May 7 at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern Listen LIVE: on Outlaw Radio, then re-broadcast at 11pm Pacific on True Crime is truly uncensored when it comes to Burl Barer and Susan Murphy Milano!  Sizzling through the airwaves as they discuss true cases where justice is an uphill battle! “The Jane Wayne of Justice” and “True Crime Uncensored Host”, Burl Barer will discuss the recent cases of missing girls, Brittanee Drexel and Krishonda Townsend. Both girls had a group of “friends” who possibly betrayed their friendship just before they each went missing, Drexel from Myrtle Beach, SC and Townsend from Mineral Wells, TX. What really happened? Listen LIVE: on Outlaw Radio, then re-broadcast at 11pm Pacific on Advertisements