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Diane Fanning Appears on Investigation Discovery’s EVIL TWINS

  Thursday, April 10, 2014 Diane Fanning offers her commentary on Investigation Discovery’s EVIL TWINS. Diane Fanning has been seen on numerous crime episodes of Investigation Discovery television shows over the years. With her background as a true crime and crime fiction series author, Fanning is an experienced examiner of all types of criminal cases from the high profile Caylee Anthony case (Mommy’s Little Girl) to more obscure cases involving domestic violence, serial killers, and crimes of passion. Her thorough research is obvious throughout her 21 published books. Always the professional, Fanning’s commentary presents all sides of the cases she’s invited to discuss for Investigation Discovery, making her a popular figure and invited back often to appear on their various shows. She’s covered cases about which she’s written books, and oftentimes those which she hasn’t. Fanning takes pains to probe into every viewpoint of a criminal case through interviews, documents, and attending trials; the mark of a writer who stands up to scrutiny time and time again. The April 10th episode of EVIL TWINS will feature …