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Danielle Pierre: Know Your Full Potential!

Whether you feel you’re lacking in self-esteem, empowerment, money, health, energy, wellness, or all of the above, Danielle Pierre and DP Motivations should be the starting point to get to where you want to be! Sometimes it’s a simple rearrangement of life details, sometimes it takes time to build the healthy foundation in life that we all deserve.  Either way, you must start where you are in order to strive towards your goals. “We are bound only by our minds and can accomplish anything on which we focus our attention.”   Danielle Pierre Sounds easy enough!  But often it isn’t, and it’s best to have professional guidance. Danielle Pierre and DP Motivation have been supporting clients in their quest to improve the quality of their lives since 2009 through a variety of resources, including life coaching services, free newsletter, a daily empowerment video library, articles and much more! What is a Life Coach?   Life Coaching is a profession that is different from consulting, mentoring, or counseling.  Certain specific personal projects are addressed within the coaching process, …

7 Warning Signs That You’ve Given Up on Your Dreams

Reprinted from Dumb Little Man and written by Henri Junttila. (please look at the bottom of the post for information and links to Henri’s site…highly recommended for motivation!) What do you REALLY want from life? What’s your big dream? Are you taking steps toward it? If not, why not? What’s stopping you from taking action today? Perhaps you’re scared, or maybe you’ve built a huge wall of procrastination that you’ll never scale. Whatever it is, you probably think it has merit. In fact, you may have simply stopped thinking about your dreams because you’ve given up. It’s too bad. People in much worse situations than you have created the life of their dreams. You may have excuses and obstacles standing in your way, but you can transcend them. However, it only happens when you’re ready. Here are seven warning signs that you’ve given up on your dreams:   Excuses Everyone makes excuses. Fleeting excuses are fine but problems begin when you stick to the same excuse over and over again. That’s when you start believing that it’s real and …

Save the Date! April Claxton and The Movement Within: “Explore Gratitude” in Beautiful Miami!

The Movement Within’s CEO April Claxton Co-Creates with Carla Ginebra, Rickie Garcia and Camile Araujo to bring YOU a Day Full of Gratitude and Self Discovery! Are You Ready to be Lifted and Inspired? Then, Let’s Go! Saturday 5/21/11 10am – 4pm Kings Creek Clubhouse 8333 SW 81st Avenue Miami, FL 33143 (843) 333-1835 $45 Includes: – Food/ Drinks – Meditation – The Power of Gratitude (Life After Trauma) – Why Movement Within is Necessary and How Gratitude Can Add to Your Life – Motivation – Inspiration – Hope – Connecting – Free Goodies – & More!