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An Hour to Kill with Doc Bonn: Guest, Nina Boski, From Life Bites Exploring the Criminal Mind of “Dexter”

Drew University professor, author, and media analyst, Dr. Scott Bonn takes to the airwaves with a brand new crime related show, An Hour to Kill With Doc Bonn. Listeners can call in to the live broadcast to ask questions, or comment, and participate in weekly contests…yes, there are prizes! To listen LIVE Fridays at noon ET Click HERE The public loves to root for the troubled and damaged vigilante who breaks the law, and even kills, but does so in the name of justice and the common good. Dexter is described as a sociopathic serial killer who lives by a moral code instilled by his father: he only kills really bad guys who the criminal justice system seems unable to prosecute. Nina Boski, Founder and Host of Life Bites: Where Entertainment Meets Life, will be joining An Hour to Kill with Doc Bonn to talk about the widely popular show, Dexter, and how entertainment meets life among serial killers and sociopaths. Good guy or bad guy? The public has a fascination with Dexter’s vigilante style killing as the avenging angel, …