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The Roth Show: War Against Women with Barry Goldstein and Mo Hannah

 Listen LIVE: Join Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano each Wednesday from 7-8ET From a recent post on Time’s Up! by Barry Goldstein, he states, “Sexism is critical to the discussion of domestic violence because it causes men to abuse their partners based on a sense of entitlement and superiority. It promotes many other practices and policies that mistreat women such as the issues that led to discussion of the Republican war on women. Most people become deeply insulted and angered when called sexist, but most sexism is far more subtle than the over-the-top hateful comments recently made by Rush Limbaugh. Good and caring men engage in sexist behavior, often without realizing they are doing so. I would urge Republican leaders, as well as Democrats and independents to avoid the normal defensiveness in responding to accusations of sexist behavior.”  (to read entire article CLICK HERE) Barry Goldstein and Mo Hannah will be on hand for the hour to discuss the politics of the war on women and offer solutions, and by taking proper actions, …