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CUE Center Launches Nationwide Missing Persons Awareness Campaign

Community United Effort (CUE) based in Wilmington, NC launches the I AM ONE missing persons awareness campaign on it’s 25th Anniversary to display the thousands of missing persons cases from communities across the nation. I AM ONE serves as a reminder of over 600,000 people who are reported absent from their families. Created in 2015 as a bulk mailing campaign, I AM ONE is now reaching out over social media channels as well. The bulk mailing program continues to exist and is used when a specific area, or missing person case, is in need of targeting by the media and local community leaders. It’s especially valuable to families who may have limited or no access to the internet. On a national level, CUE Founder Monica Caison says, “My hope is that national media will feature different, sometimes unknown, cases and dig deeper into the human side of victims. National media provides families a renewed hope that the news will reach more people in a short time allowing for additional information to move a case forward.” People …

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Shattered Lives: Guest David Francis, Author of Bringing Jon Home: The Wilderness Search for Jon Francis

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE or podcast:  CLICK HERE “Bringing Jon Home is a memoir of my son’s remarkable life, his faith journey and his abundant youth ministry and service. It is my personal account of Jon’s life, loss and legacy and the long and relentless search for him in the mountains of Idaho. It’s a compelling and inspirational story about an uncommon young man who once joyfully lived and boldly loved among us.” –David Francis On Saturday morning, July 15, 2006, Jon Francis, climbed to the summit of the Grand Mogul, in the Sawtooth Mountain Range of Central Idaho. He never returned. Law enforcement searched for only 29 hours. After the evening search team briefing, on July 17, 2006, the Incident Commander approached me and said; ‘David, you need to give your son up to the mountain.’ Feeling helpless and abandoned the Francis family gathered that evening and committed …

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Shattered Lives with Donna R. Gore: Janice Smolinski, My Son is Missing

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE In 2004, Billy Smolinski disappeared under suspicious circumstances. If everything could go wrong in the investigation of his disappearance, it did. From the initial missing persons report, the Smolinski family has hit every roadblock possible in the effort to find their son. Janice Smolinski has tirelessly continued to fight the uphill battle, through searches, through tips and clues, getting arrested and pioneering “Billy’s Law” that will help save other families from her experience. Website: SHATTERED LIVES broadcasts live every Saturday at 5pm ET, but if you can’t make the live show you can always listen to the archives at the  link at your convenience. CLICK HERE

The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law) Must Be Passed, Why?

In order to better serve families of missing persons, The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law) was initiated by the mother of missing Billy Smolinski, Jan Smolinski.  Billy’s Law was quickly and unanimously passed through the House of Representatives and is now in the Senate.  We need EVERYONE to move quickly to contact the 2 Senators of your home state and all of the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee to support and back this bill which will be of benefit to all families of missing persons. What will Billy’s Law do?  It will create incentives for all law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and coroners to be trained in how to properly process all missing persons cases,  as well as enter the data into the NamUs system which was created by the Dept. of Justice. The bill would authorize the sharing of information from the National Crime Information Center database to the NamUs database, therefore, increasing the number of case resolutions and potentially bringing answers to families of missing persons all across our country. …