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True Crime Author Making a Move: Diane Fanning Returns to Virginia

Diane Fanning, famed author of 20 published books has been residing in Texas for several years, transplanted from Virginia. After a trip back east early in 2013 for a hands on visit with a new grandson, she made the decision to return to Virginia to be closer to her family and the countryside she loves. Fanning was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but after attending Lynchburg College to study chemistry, she stayed in the area and began her writing career for local television, radio and eventually, an advertising agency, earning 70 Addy Awards. During the same timeframe she was doing free-lance writing for magazines. Although she has 20 published books, Fanning’s first book wasn’t written until she moved to Texas, mostly due to the constraints of happy motherhood and three young children. While building her writing career Diane Fanning also held the Executive Director position at Another Way Texas Shares (now Community Shares of Texas) for 10 years, and the governor of Texas appointed her for three terms on the State Advisory Committee for the State …