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Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Who’s Listening to the Message?

  LISTEN HERE! Where do messages come from and are they always an original thought? Most likely not, according to those who subscribe to the “Original Thought Theory” which suggests that anything anyone can ever think of has already been thought by someone else or will be done so by someone in the future, i.e. no thought is original. That being said, “messages” could be formed through experiences and ideas and the culmination of something that could be marketable, such as a book, a song, or a piece of art; an expression of one’s thoughts. Through these avenues the message travels, but how far can it possibly go? Some may sit on their thoughts and messages, keeping to themselves, others wish to share them with the world. There are all types of messengers, whether teachers in academia, religious leaders, or perhaps, a someone willing to break out of what’s been normal for them and seek another path to share their ideas. Many become famous because of the sharing process, but what sets them apart? The audience! …