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Dottie Laster, ImaginePublicity

Dottie Laster Speaks to Girls of Destine

Girls of Destine Director, Lisa Blakes, has invited Dottie Laster to speak at the regular meeting on Saturday, February 16 about human trafficking. The mentorship program is designed to minister to the needs of young ladies ages 10-17, an age group that many traffickers prey upon, and assist them to becoming responsible teens guided into healthy relationships with others. Through a complete understanding of human trafficking it’s hoped that the young girls in attendance will come a way with the information needed to prevent themselves, and their peers, from being lured into the hands of those who are out to harm them. By learning to recognize the warning signs and red flags that most traffickers exhibit, the girls will be informed at their level of understanding and learn to make wise decisions if ever confronted. The Girls of Destine program is designed to minister to the needs of young ladies ages 10-17.  At this pivotal time in their lives, girls will experience an enormous amount of change in a short period of time.  As a result, there are …