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Medicine's Alternatives are not Always "Alternative" Medicine

Medicine’s Alternatives are Not Always “Alternative” Medicine

  When the term “alternative” medicine is used it seems to conjure up the expectation that it’s a medical practice that isn’t “real.” The alternatives to conventional medicine are quite real, and most have been used for thousands of years with good results, whether it be herbs, tinctures, or protocols divergent from mainstream medicine, there has been a negative connotation to the results which science can not always explain. New Age, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Complimentary, and Holistic are some of the terms given to describe alternative practices used for healing purposes. Are they real, and more importantly, do they work? In a Washington Post article it’s said, “…there’s no such thing as alternative medicine. If clinical trials show that a therapy works, it’s good medicine. And if a therapy doesn’t work, then it’s not an alternative.” So what does it all mean for the average patient seeking to maintain good health or to manage an illness or disease? It means there are personal choices and options available, and each patient must take charge of their own alternatives, whether …