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Shattered Lives: Alyssa Rheingold and Survivors of Crime

SHATTERED LIVES with Donna R. Gore, “LadyJustice” Examining the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. Saturdays at 5pm ET Listen LIVE:  CLICK HERE The lives of crime survivors are shattered in many ways, taking years to recover, only to be brought back to the  traumatic event time and time again. Whether it be an upcoming trial, or an ongoing investigation, it seems the wounds are close to healing when they are once again pierced. Alyssa Rheingold, PhD joins the show to discuss the many ways she’s involved in assisting victims of crime through the National Crime Victim’s Research and Treatment Center (NCVC) in Charleston, South Carolina. Her experience and research highly qualifies her to speak on behalf of victim service providers and how they can best help those victims they serve through various programs and organizations. Shattered Lives Guest, Alyssa Rheingold, PhD Dr. Rheingold is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the National Crime Victim’s Research and Treatment Center (NCVC) within the …