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Conquering Cancer NEW Site, New Battlefield for Susan Murphy-Milano

Early in June, Susan Murphy-Milano was diagnosed with cancer, stage IV.  Many across the nation know and love Susan for the work she’s done with victims of abuse through hands on guidance for over 20 years, her books, and many public appearances. Although Susan’s disease is serious, she’s sharing her experiences publicly through a new blog, ConqueringCancer.Me.  What Susan hopes to accomplish by exposing herself, her disease, and her treatment, is to show others that there is always hope. Working with a team of healers from AwareMed Medical Institute in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, under the direction of Dr. Dalal Akoury, MD, Susan has made the decision to allow the world to see her progress by documenting her treatments and outcomes as they happen. When possible, she will be blogging daily and sharing pictures and videos of her day. Treatments at AwareMed are focused on the healing and balance of the whole body, mind and spirit, using every tool available through traditional and alternative practices. Dr. Akoury’s treatments are meant to get the cancer under control, …