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Change Already! with Jillian: Wrap Up of Series, “Spiritual Trends” Beyond the Pews

Listen LIVE to Change Already! with Jillian Jillian Maas Backman is introducing a new series of radio shows examining “spiritual trends.” Throughout mankind’s existence there has been a search for a connection to “higher universal power.” History shows us over the ages through various prophets, messengers, and writings that the one true message that transcends above all is love, but how that translates into accepted practices has been the subject of wars and persecution through the ages. Perhaps even the splintering of historical mainstream religions was caused by man’s search for that connection and trends, or even new religious beliefs, began to emerge as civilization began to change. Listen to Podcasts of the series: Show #1 Spiritual Trends, What Does it Mean? Show #2 Don’t Chase Shiny Objects, Guest: Robin Smith on Reiki and Shaminism Show #3 Spiritual Trends, Living the Spiritual La Vita Loca, Show #4 Spiritual Trends, When Religion Goes Wrong, Dr. Laurie Roth Show #5 Spiritual Activism with Andrew Harvey Show #6 Kate King Jewellry, Gems, Crystals, and Stones Show #7 Spiritual Trends, What’s True, What’s …