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H.O.P.E./Helping Our Perception Evolve

Your perception is your REALITY, but how real is it? Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” –Albert Einstein. Have you had the same experiences, “realities” over and over again? Have you ever given much thought as to how or maybe even why you have come to these “your” realities? Have you entertained the thought of seeing the world from some other perspective? Could exploring the possibility possibly change your world leading you to live a life of bliss and abundance? Are you willing to take one tiny step, out of your comfort zone, and explore? Join Pamela and Julie for this revitalzing episode. It could change your life. Beyond the Shift Living Your Bliss Wednesday, April 20, 9pm ET To access the show, live, from yourcomputer: To listen by phone dial, 909-533-8322, press 1 when prompted.

Find Balance With Pamela Chapman on Beyond the Shift/Living Your Bliss

Beyond the Shift/Living Your Bliss When Thoughts and Emotions Collide – Manifestation Wednesdays at 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountain, 8PM Central and 9PM Eastern BlogTalk Radio Listen Live, Chat Live, Call In: (909) 533-8322   Your thoughts, formed by experiences; perceptions and deceptions, lead to a deluge of feelings. Emotional highs can take you to the heights of the Himalayas and emotional lows to depths of the Mariana Trench, the deepest of our world’s ocean. What would happen if your thoughts were continually positive, balanced, and genuine most of the time? What would transpire if you weren’t up one day and down the other and the roller-coaster ride of life’s experiences became a guided flight instead of a groping flounder? Would divinely aligned thoughts and feelings lead to actions necessary for your desired dreams to come true? MANIFESTATION! Join the dynamic duo, Pamela and Julie, as they explore the possibilities.

Pamela Chapman Presents: “Living Your Bliss”

Are you staying the Course or Have obstacles, distractions, and procrastination crept in? We’re headed into the 2nd Quarter of 2011 and it’s probably time to re-energize those batteries. We all start off January with a bang and excitement for what’s to come but somewhere along the way, right about now, we all need a little nudge and reminder of what we set out to create this year. Don’t let tax season, economic climate, never-ending to do lists, get in the way of what you know you deserve. Join the dynamic duo Pamela Chapman and Julie Schnelker, as theycoach listeners on how to stay on target where Dreams, Purpose, & Focused Intention collide to create your shift. Wednesday, March 23  9-10pm ET on BlogTalk Radio To Listen, Chat, or Call In LIVE: Will you allow external forces to hijack your destiny? Can you overcome the obstacles and be steadfast in your journey? Are you able to see the experiences for the gifts that they are? Remember, you are ALWAYS welcome to call in LIVE and …

Pamela Chapman Presents: “Living Your Bliss”

Join life-transformation coaches Pamela Chapman and Julie Schnelker for a rocket-ride experience. Beyond the Shift—Living Your Bliss combines cutting-edge, energy bio-feedback and spirituality to help change your life quickly, easily, and painlessly. Each power-packed, high-energy episode will testify to the phenomenon that anyone may shift from a life filled with phantoms and illusions of poverty, pain, dis-ease and victimization if they are willing to do the inspirational work that leads to a life of abundance, joy, peace and well being; a life on target and on purpose. Beyond the Shift—Living Your Bliss will immediately shift your energy to the next level no matter where you are. Take a seat and hold on. This show is not for the faint-hearted. GOD ENERGY – Are you Living from Inspiration or Devastation? Wednesday, February 23, 9pm ET LISTEN AND CHAT   BlogTalk Radio Will you wait until things become dire before you decide to take action, act and live from a place of inspiration? Will you delay a life of abundance–a life that can be everything you’ve ever desired …