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Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Preachers’ Daughters, Reality or Fantasy?

Change Already! Your Future, Your Choice Jillian, Warm and Fuzzy with an Attitude! Listen in live, or listen at your convenience through the archive of the show.   Jillian will walk you through the maze to an enlightened and engaging future of change! Tune in Thursdays at 1pm ET, 12pm CT Listen LIVE: Lifetime network has recently debuted its latest reality show, Preacher’s Daughters, attempting to show the public the very real struggles of adolescents born to parents who have committed their lives to preaching the word of God. The Colemans, Koloffs and Perrys will each share their struggles concerning raising adolescent daughters overcoming the temptations of life, while trying to heed the teachings introduced in their Christian upbringings.  Christian Post The very first words in her book, Beyond the Pews, describe Jillian Maas Backman’s background as the daughter of a Christian preacher: I am a direct descendant of what is sometimes called “American Spiritual Royalty.” The select group is comprised of preachers and their families. It’s an elite subculture of individuals chosen to help God’s …