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The Roth Show: Seeking Justice For Daniel Underwood

The Roth Show Wednesday, August 24, 7-8pm ET Listen LIVE: Join Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano for the regular Wednesday crime segment.  Each week the “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” and the “Jane Wayne of Justice” join their voices together to make some noise about unsolved crimes, missing persons or update previous cases. Never boring, always a surprise or two, and hitting the air with passion for justice and making things right! Seeking Justice for Daniel Underwood On September 4, 2008, 33-year-old Daniel Ray Underwood, his girlfriend Rebecca Nelson, and a friend, Maria Harvick, were at a bar in East Fork, Texas. The three then went back to the home Daniel and Rebecca shared inSulphur Springs, Texas. According to Maria, once there, Daniel and Rebecca got into an argument and Maria left the room. A short time later she went back into the room and saw Daniel holding a shotgun in his right hand and accusing Rebecca of taking all his money and burying him in debt. Rebecca grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued. …

What’s the Media’s Role in Justice? Hear it From Steph Watts on The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!” Thursday, July 21, 2pm-3pmET Listen LIVE: on  HereWomenTalk Join host, Susan Murphy Milano, as she discusses “Watts Up With That!”  Talking with multi-talented personality, Steph Watts, and his role in the case of Drew Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, about  how he was instrumental in re-opening the investigation into her death when fourth wife, Stacy, went missing.  Watts is the talent behind many projects, featured as the crime reporter in “Bloodwork” on A&E’s Crime and Investigation channel and is currently shooting a new series on missing persons cases for A&E. We will also discuss the role of the media in the justice system (the topic of his new book) on the heels of the Casey Anthony trial. Tune in for this powerhouse conversation with Steph Watts! About Steph Watts Steph studied communications in his native Canada while working as an actor and model. He moved to NYC in 1999 to complete his studies at NYU and began writing for The Village Voice and Brill’s Content Magazine. Steph ventured …

Diane Fanning’s Radio and Media Appearances, Thursday, July 7

True crime Author of “Mommy’s Little Girl,” Diane Fanning, continues her expert analysis of what went wrong in the quest for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.  You can follow the shows or listen to the podcasts, throughout the day.   Thursday, July 7: 7:40 AM Eastern “The Trey Ware Show” 10:00 AM Eastern time she joins “The Timothy Hodge show” New York on 99.7 FM, 10:30 AM Eastern time (9:30 am central) “The Jack Riccardi Show” KTSA AM 550 San Antonio 2:00PM Eastern (1:00 PM Central) “The Susan Murphy Milano Show” 4:10 PM KTSA 550AM “The Kevin Wall Show” San Antonio  

Crime Wire Investigates!

Tuesday, June 28, 9pm ET Listen LIVE:   Crime Wire Investigates     The Sandra White case  On April 10, 2006, 65-year-old Sandra White ofWeaverville,North Carolinawas murdered by her 73-year-old husband Ray. He staged the house to make it appear that the death was the result of a robbery gone bad. He went so far as to drive down the highway and throw Sandra’s purse out as a robber may have done. However, after several days of questioning by the police, Ray White confessed to the murder. He was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter and posted $100,000 bail. And then things turned a bit weird. The judge released White to the custody of his brother, David White, inFlorida. Sandra’s family believes that today Ray is living inSt. Petersburgand enjoying life as a free man. The now 78-year-old has yet to stand trial in aNorth Carolinacourt. The family’s efforts to get answers fromNorth Carolinaauthorities have met with non-responses, inaccurate information and stonewalling. Joining us to discuss the case will be Gene Cervantes of Citizens Against Homicide and Sandra’s …

Burl Barer and Outlaw Radio Present: “Caught in the Act” True Crime Story

True Crime on Outlaw Radio starring Burl Barer and Don Woldman LIVE EVERY SATURDAY 2PM PT, 5PM ET FROM THE “LIGHTEN UP LOUNGE!” Listen LIVE Saturday on Outlaw Radio, or listen to the replay at Midnight  Pacific time on ErrorFM.COM “We walked in on a surreal scene. There are few words, if any, to accurately describe the abject horror…” What Jeannie and Kevin McDonough saw was a wanted, multi-state serial killer about to take his next victim-their own daughter. What happened next was a thrilling true-crime story of a fight for justice and the harrowing struggle with the unexpected nightmare of “survivor guilt.” Caught in the Act: A Courageous Family’s Fight to Save Their Daughter from a Serial Killer Order from Amazon: