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Tex Johnson, 67, sentenced to 50 year for stealing $24, is from Ron Levine’s multimedia project, “Prisoners of Age: Portraits of Elderly Inmates.” Photo credit: New America Media

Shattered Lives: The Ethical Treatment of the Aging Prison Population with Guest, Tina Maschi

    How do surviving crime victims consider the treatment of the one person who changed their lives forever, a criminal in prison? Whether the crime be homicide, assault, or violence of any type, the perpetrator has been convicted and sentenced to time behind bars. Where do we draw the line between punishment for the crime and the humane treatment of another? As more and more of the incarcerated become senior citizens in prison, the costs to house them rise as well, by approximately three times the expense of younger prisoners. Older prisoners become vulnerable and neglected, often faced with increased violence of fellow inmates, but there aren’t enough services addressing this unique situation, as well as the quandary of the ethical treatment of a fellow human being vs accountability for their crime. The other side of the dilemma is when elderly inmates are released there are often few resources available, families have dispersed, and they are faced with more uncertainty about their welfare than when they were in prison. Shattered Lives Radio listeners will hear …

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Who Pays Attention to the Rights of Crime Victims? LadyJustice!

Like the energizer bunny, Donna R. Gore is hard to keep up with at times, nothing stands in the way of her passions and missions. Donna knows about the aftermath of crime from the inside;  her beloved father was gunned down by a career criminal who set out to rob him. He got away with $35 and Donald Gore lost his life. Donna went on to achieve many things in her life, achievements her father would have been proud to share in, but those opportunities were lost forever. 34 years later LadyJustice (Donna’s alias) learned that the person who murdered her father was coming up for parole, a day she and her family thought would bypass them when told after the trial and conviction that “this guy will never get out.”  That was not to be and the date they had to face the perpetrator loomed ahead. Not one to sit on the sidelines and allow things to happen haphazardly, Donna was proactive in finding out everything she needed to know before the date of …