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Margaret McLean’s “It’s A Crime” Talks with Doc Bonn About Our Fascination With Serial Killers

  Why do we love to hate serial killers? What is it about their heinous crimes and criminal behaviors that have us reading, watching and discussing them? Listen LIVE Saturday December 22 as Dr. Scott Bonn and Margaret McLean discuss the public’s fascination with crime, serial killers and mass murder. Dr. Scott Bonn’s research for his upcoming book, Monster Dearest: Our Fascination with Serial Killers, will explain in detail. To listen LIVE at 1-2 Pacific, 4-5 Eastern CLICK HERE Teaching criminology and sociology, and analyzing cases on popular radio and television shows, Doc Bonn’s experience in the study of the criminal mind, crimes against the state, and especially serial killers, will bring a lively view of crime to listeners. Learn the difference between serial killers, spree killers, and mass murders. In the wake of the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado this year, the public is stunned and numbed by the crimes. Media reporting has been criticized and delivering ongoing news about every minute detail of the crimes and the shooters. …

Margaret McLean,It's A Crime, ImaginePublicity

Margaret McLean’s “It’s A Crime” Talks with Diane Fanning and Julie Rea

It’s a crime that innocent people are so often wrongfully convicted and sentenced for crimes which they did not commit. It’s a crime that even after exoneration many of the exonerees continue to carry a criminal record with them making it almost impossible to get a decent job, make a living, and carry on with their lives. It’s a crime that some of them are put to death. Margaret McLean welcomes True Crime Author Diane Fanning and Julie Rea to “It’s A Crime.” Tune in Saturday, December 15 at 1-2 Pacific, 4-5 Eastern. To catch the show LIVE: LISTEN HERE True Crime author Diane Fanning and Julie Rea met under most unusual circumstances while Diane was doing research for her book Through the Window. Interviewing serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells she was able to get information about the crime which Julie was convicted and serving time for in prison ……the murder of her son, Joel. Defended by a lone, public defender and outmatched by three opposing prosecutors, Julie was convicted on March 4, 2002, and …