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Susan Murphy Milano Releases Latest Book, HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH HELL

Intimate Partner Violence Specialist’s pursuit of hope for survivors of violence and her personal quest for faith in the midst of her own tumultuous life.  More than a story, the book is a re-enactment of how God reaches through the fire of chaos and brings peace and hope.   October 3, 2012………Susan Murphy Milano, veteran intimate partner violence specialist, launches her latest book, HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH HELL.  Well known for her hands-on work with victims of violence and through her previous books, HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH HELL is based on the true story of Murphy Milano’s life, written with the flow of a novel, in a style that will incite heightened awareness about hope, survival, abuse, murder, and the ripple effect of family violence on society. HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH HELL captivates the reader’s attention about socially unacceptable issues going on behind closed doors, and, in the case of Murphy Milano’s family, behind the blue wall of the Chicago Police Department.  A gripping and compelling story of tragedy, she continuously questions her faith in …