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Chaos to Calm: FREE Event with Jillian Maas Backman & Paula Cross

Do you find it challenging to achieve peace, quiet, and joy in your life? Are you caught up in worry and discouragement about situations in our world played out in the headlines? Treat yourself and join us for the dual expression of words and music with two creative and intuitively-inspired women who use their arts to find calm in the midst of chaos. Use this evening as an opportunity to get in touch with your own inner peace and create harmony going forward. Jillian Maas Backman, author, and Paula Cross, singer, are uniting for an evening of fun and conversation along with an exchange of ideas tailor-made for the weary in all of us. The evening will include personal accounts of how these two artists transposed the universal intuitive works of words and music to offset the world’s chaos, and how expression of the soul can bring calm to anyone who makes the time to look inward. The public is invited to attend this  FREE open house which will run from 6:30pm through 8pm. Drinks and …

Shattered Lives Radio: Five Years and Counting

Five years ago Shattered Lives host Donna R. Gore was inspired by Crime Wire hosts, Dennis Griffin and Susan Murphy Milano to begin her very own podcast to record interviews with guests who could speak to the aftermath of crime, it’s victims, and resources to help the survivors. Over the span of 5 years Shattered Lives has featured many expert guests and touched on a multitude of topics, often showcasing the resilience of the human spirit. In the beginning The original Shattered Lives podcasts were 30 minute interviews with the following 7 episodes: Sgt. Mark Vanau on Elder Abuse Janice Smolinski on her missing son, Billy Smolinski Wanda and Sam Reiger on Resilience after Devastation Robin Kraemer of Interval House Robert Rahn and Kim Anklin Private Investigator of Management Resources of NY Attorney Michelle Cruz on Victim Advocacy Dr. Laurie Roth on recovering from brain injury and returning to the airwaves Finding that 30 minutes was not enough time to convey important information, Shattered Lives moved to the Inside Lenz Network joining other …

Speaker, presenter, 5 easy pieces

5 Easy Pieces: Speakers and Presenters

No matter what your level of expertise as a speaker or presenter, if you follow 5 easy steps when addressing an audience as an expert, it will go a long way towards showcasing your expertise, engaging your audience, and guaranteeing a positive return on your time. If you don’t find yourself at the point where you consider yourself a successful speaker, and recognize the potential for a lucrative income stream, be sure to sign up for training with Speaker Services.  With their vast experience, they will show you moves you never thought about! Don’t sell yourself short and, remember, as you prepare your next presentation, think about using these 5 simple tips as a guideline! Step 1- Know your Audience It’s important to know to whom you are speaking.  If you’re able, communicate with the event planner and find out who will be in the audience, what professions will be represented, and what corporate/employee/guest level will be attending. Ask yourself, “Is the person in the front row at the same experience level as I am, or …

H.O.P.E./Helping Our Perception Evolve

Your perception is your REALITY, but how real is it? Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” –Albert Einstein. Have you had the same experiences, “realities” over and over again? Have you ever given much thought as to how or maybe even why you have come to these “your” realities? Have you entertained the thought of seeing the world from some other perspective? Could exploring the possibility possibly change your world leading you to live a life of bliss and abundance? Are you willing to take one tiny step, out of your comfort zone, and explore? Join Pamela and Julie for this revitalzing episode. It could change your life. Beyond the Shift Living Your Bliss Wednesday, April 20, 9pm ET To access the show, live, from yourcomputer: To listen by phone dial, 909-533-8322, press 1 when prompted.

Save the Date! April Claxton and The Movement Within: “Explore Gratitude” in Beautiful Miami!

The Movement Within’s CEO April Claxton Co-Creates with Carla Ginebra, Rickie Garcia and Camile Araujo to bring YOU a Day Full of Gratitude and Self Discovery! Are You Ready to be Lifted and Inspired? Then, Let’s Go! Saturday 5/21/11 10am – 4pm Kings Creek Clubhouse 8333 SW 81st Avenue Miami, FL 33143 (843) 333-1835 $45 Includes: – Food/ Drinks – Meditation – The Power of Gratitude (Life After Trauma) – Why Movement Within is Necessary and How Gratitude Can Add to Your Life – Motivation – Inspiration – Hope – Connecting – Free Goodies – & More!