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The Roth Show: Hour 1 Jeff Mudgett on Bloodstains, Hour 2 Dottie Laster on the State of Immigrant Children in the US

Join Dr. Laurie Roth weekdays at 7-10pm Pacific, 10pm-1am Eastern Listen LIVE or to the Archive: On Wednesday’s crime segment Dr. Laurie Roth gets update from BLOODSTAINS author, Jeff Mudgett and delves into the issue of what happens to immigrant children with Dottie Laster! Hour 1: Jeff Mudgett updates news about BLOODSTAINS and the identity of Jack the Ripper! Jeff Mudgett, author of BLOODSTAINS and great, great, grandson of America’s most prolific serial killer, H. H. Holmes, makes a return visit to The Roth Show to talk more about his nefarious ancestor and update listeners on steps moving forward for more exposure of the theories written about in BLOODSTAINS. Chapter 23 of BLOODSTAINS is devoted to the exposure of specific evidence that H. H. Holmes may also be the infamous Jack the Ripper. Readers will see how the threads are woven in such a way that a complete picture emerges, and evidence to support Mudgett’s theory. For those not familiar with H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” built during the  construction of the  World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Jeff …