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Dottie Laster Heidi Search Center

Dottie Laster April Events

As Executive Director of Heidi Search Center and a licensed private investigator, Dottie Laster switches hats often; from searching for missing persons, investigating cases of possible human trafficking, and, most importantly, awareness and fundraising for the 25-year old non-profit agency in San Antonio. Private and corporate donations are the lifeblood of Heidi Search Center covering the daily expenses and keeping the agency open to continue helping those going through the trauma of having a missing person. Under Dottie’s leadership, they have a 98% recovery rate. In March, 2017, Dottie Laster was featured in Vanity Fair Confidential on the Investigation Discovery channel who covered the case of “El Gallo,” leader of one of the largest human trafficking rings in Houston. Dottie played a large part in bringing down this ring and helping over 120 girls escape. She has continued assisting them over the years and believes that El Gallo was operating undisturbed for 20 years before being apprehended. Locked up Next Door can be viewed online at the Vanity Fair Confidential website. April is shaping up to …

Freedom Keys, Dottie Laster

Keys to Freedom Art Projects Benefit Human Trafficking Victims

Finding exceptional ways for funding the aftercare of victims of human trafficking can be challenging. The aftercare needs of survivors are quite extensive and include physical, mental, and emotional assistance, sometimes for several years. Dottie Laster created TRAFFICKED Designs a few years ago, a company which teaches survivors how to make jewelry pieces which they design, make and sell for profit. Using acquired skills of the survivors to design and create jewelry, art, and other products, the company assists rescued victims to better assimilate back into society by learning skills to re-enter the job market successfully. Laster recently added a new product line to TRAFFICKED Designs, her original paintings and prints. The “Keys to Freedom” collection uses the theme for the visualization of those who are unlocking the keys to bondage and setting those ensnared in trafficking on their way to freedom. Laster’s first original painting sold promptly leading her to see there was a market for her works. She has since made prints and other products available using the designs from her original paintings. Using mixed media and …

Fundraiser for Bernardo Kohler Center

Dottie Laster Launches Austin Fundraiser for Bernardo Kohler Center

    On Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 6pm Central, Bernardo Kohler Center is sponsoring a fundraiser at Law Offices Building of Wilson Sonsoni Goodrich and Rosati, 900 Capital of Texas Hwy., Austin, TX. The public is encouraged to attend and take part in learning about the various services Bernardo Kohler Center provides. There will be a silent auction, music, speakers and jewelry for sale made by survivors of human trafficking. The mission of Bernardo Kohler Center is “…. to attain safety, respect, and justice for abused, abandoned, neglected juveniles, victims of crime, human trafficking victims, and asylum seekers by providing legal, social, and educational services.” The advocates are continually working with cases brought to them from all over the world including Mexico and Central America, and as far away as Nepal, Cameroon, and Eastern Europe. Through programs like Casitas, which addresses abandoned and abused children, and Save One Soul, which addresses human trafficking, victims are provided with legal representation as they make their way through the chaos of their situation. The history of the Bernardo Kohler …