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Jillian Maas Backman: Around San Antonio

JILLIAN MAAS BACKMAN, author of the award winning book, Beyond the Pews: Breaking From Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown, will be appearing in San Antonio, Texas at the Viva! Book Store for a conversational event and book signing on Tuesday, March 6 from 2-4. “Conversations with Jillian” is an opportunity for readers to interact with the author, ask questions, and learn about heeding one’s calling to a higher existence and living out the soul’s intentions. Although Maas Backman’s book speaks about a connection to a higher power, and important lessons for those who don’t subscribe to the specific thought, to create a relationship with their authentic self. Beyond the Pews, recently awarded Honorable Mention in the Spirituality category by the New England Book Festival in December, 2011, leads readers to an understanding that traditional Biblical teachings still hold timeless lessons of faith and are never forgotten, but combined with naturally occurring spiritual innocence, a connection to divine wisdom residing in the soul, is the reward. JILLIAN MAAS BACKMAN is a minister’s daughter, a …