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H.O.P.E./Helping Our Perception Evolve

Your perception is your REALITY, but how real is it? Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” –Albert Einstein. Have you had the same experiences, “realities” over and over again? Have you ever given much thought as to how or maybe even why you have come to these “your” realities? Have you entertained the thought of seeing the world from some other perspective? Could exploring the possibility possibly change your world leading you to live a life of bliss and abundance? Are you willing to take one tiny step, out of your comfort zone, and explore? Join Pamela and Julie for this revitalzing episode. It could change your life. Beyond the Shift Living Your Bliss Wednesday, April 20, 9pm ET To access the show, live, from yourcomputer: To listen by phone dial, 909-533-8322, press 1 when prompted.

Neil Schori Holding Out Hand of Hope in Haiti

Pastor Neil Schori of Naperville Christian Church is an amazing example of someone who walks the talk of the scriptures. Neil is currently in Haiti, once again, working with the people who have been devastated by all the wrath mother nature has to offer, including hurricanes and huge earthquakes.  A land that seems to be forgotten, the people of Haiti have lived for years with little or no hope of improvement in their lives.  Poverty abounds with little to sustain, except faith. Before he left his cozy home and beautiful family, Neil wrote a blog post for the “Time’s Up!” Network.  You are invited to read and reflect on the comforts we take for granted: By Neil Schori I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough.  Most of my months have a few days left in them when my paycheck ends.  My house feels like a zoo at least half of the time because I’ve got 5 people under a roof made for 2.  Sometimes when I look around these affluent …

ImaginePublicity is So Proud to Have Ward Foley! Welcome!

Ward Foley, also known to millions as “Scarman,” is the newest client of ImaginePublicity.  We are happy to represent Ward and share with the world the wonder of Ward’s message. Born with Arthrogryposis, a rare non-degenerative condition, he has  persisted through numerous surgeries, disfigurement and pain.  But that didn’t keep Ward from living, and, in my opinion, made him the “character” he is today.  Ward has given many presentations and speeches over the years to all age groups around the country and Canada.  His sense of humor, along with his faith,  made these speeches unforgettable to his audiences.  He offers a message of hope and possibilities of a better life which isn’t left behind in an auditorium, but carried with the listener, enabling them to see beyond their own limitations and reach higher to be the best they can be. Ward is the author of “Thank My Lucky Scars,” which not only tells the story of his life and it’s literal ups and downs, but how he has overcome and embraced his disabilities and used …