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“Scarman” Ward Foley’s DREAM! Can YOU Help?

When children call, SCARMAN answers! Lovingly referred to as “Scarman” Ward Foley has made a career out of his disability. Wait, it’s not like you think! The career he has chosen, or which chose him, is bringing hope into the world of those who are hurting. Ward has entered the American Family Insurance 2013 Dream Camp contest with the intention of turning his winnings into making himself available to travel extensively around the country sharing his personal story of hope and bringing comfort to others. To VOTE daily for Ward Foley CLICK HERE Ward Foley was born with multiple birth defects and very little chance to live. But he did, only to undergo decades of surgery, agonizing rehabilitation, ridicule, and humiliation. He was also severely burned in a deep fryer, beat up, and almost killed by a drunk driver. But, despite it all, he emerged with character, or wait, he IS a character! Ward Foley is the original “Scarman!” Scarman is many things to many people, but most of all represents the physical and emotional scars we …