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Shattered Lives: Spotlight on Jessalyn Dorsey, Crime Victim Advocate

Listen to Shattered Lives Radio When a sudden tragedy occurs, like homicide, many surviving loved ones go on to do great things in memory of the one they lost. Jessalyn Dorsey is one such person. Executive Director of Crime Victims Advocacy Council in Atlanta, GA, Jessalyn Dorsey lost her only child in 1999 to a senseless murder during a teen party. Not only was she unprepared for such a loss, as any mother would be, the event was life changing. Often we see surviving victims who find the fortitude and courage to stand up and make changes in our system regarding crime victims. Jessalyn, through CVAC has taken the challenge and has given assistance to a growing population of victims who need help. Whether it be emotional support, or guidance through the justice system, CVAC provides much needed resources to community members facing a very uncertain and confusing time.  “CVAC is dedicated to preventing crime and assisting crime victims and their families and communities in Georgia through quality education, advocacy, counseling, and legislative initiatives,” says their …

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Shattered Lives with Donna R. Gore: Who is She and Why do They Call Her “LadyJustice?”

SHATTERED LIVES examines the effects of those who have survived violent crime and how it has impacted their lives. Real people, real tragedy, real help. To see the future lineup and show times:  CLICK HERE A new radio show and it’s host is always a mystery to listeners, so the first airing of SHATTERED LIVES on Saturday, February 4 will explore the host, Donna R. Gore, known as “LadyJustice.” Donna will inform listeners about herself, her experiences, and what major obstacles she has had to overcome to be the “over-achiever” she is today!  The audience will learn about the lifelong disability she’s coped with valiently since birth, surviving over 55 surgeries and how it impacted her childhood and her family relationships. Donna will then discuss the life-altering experience of losing her father to a brutal murder, a murder of circumstance, a tragedy resulting in $35 for the murderer’s trouble.  Waiting on the system for justice, it was six years before the case came to trial.  Trial by fire it was for the Gore family, and thus “LadyJustice” …

The Roth Show Talks With Homicide Survivor James Henslee

The Roth Show Wednesday, September 28, 7-8pm ET Listen LIVE: In January 2011, two women went missing in Michigan.  Amy Henslee and Tonya Howarth seemingly disappeared.  Days later their lifeless bodies were found, as well as a crime scene which told the story of what happened to these two women.  After months of speculation, the murderer was brought to justice, found guilty and sentenced. Joining us for the hour is husband of Amy Henslee, described as the All American wife and mother, James Henslee, to discuss the aftermath of his life’s worst tragedy and how he has been affected, as well as he and Amy’s two little boys. Also joining the discussion is Jamie Jones of Missing You Foundation and the person who discovered the crime scene.  Jamie will tell us how he and his team were brought into the early investigation and how this crime scene was discovered and the affects on the families of missing persons.