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A ‘Family’ Business: The Life and Times of Joey “The Fixer” Silvestri ImaginePublicity on Air Interview with Author Dennis Griffin

  Award-winning Mob author Dennis Griffin joins forces with Joey “the Fixer” Silvestri to tell a tale of a bygone era when organized crime dominated New York City. It was a time when neighborhood bosses controlled their turf and some cops would look the other way for the right price. Your best friend one day might want you dead the next. It was a violent life in which only the strong survived. Joe Silvestri was a tough kid from the mean streets of New York. He went from street brawler to wearing a tux at the glamorous Copacabana. He eventually provided “muscle” for the Mob, a highly respected and feared fixer—the guy you went to if you had a problem that needed to be resolved. He followed Mob protocol when having a sit down with an adversary: You never break bread with the enemy. Order A Family Business here:

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Dennis Griffin Invited to Grand Opening of The Mob Museum Las Vegas

LOCATED IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS, THE MOB MUSEUM SHOWCASES BOTH SIDES OF THE NOTORIOUS BATTLE BETWEEN ORGANIZED CRIME AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. WITH HIGH-TECH THEATER PRESENTATIONS, ICONIC ONE-OF-A-KIND ARTIFACTS, AND INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS, YOU CAN FINALLY DISCOVER THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. True Crime author and Las Vegas Mob Historian, Dennis Griffin has been invited to participate in the Grand Opening festivities on February 14 as one of the featured organized crime authors. He will be at the official ribbon cutting at 10am and will host a book signing from 11 to 3. Griffin is the author of several books which chronicle the history of organized crime in Las Vegas and the characters who play a big part in the history of Las Vegas itself. He is the host of two crime related internet radio shows, Crime Wire and Real Wiseguys. Recently Dennis Griffin became involved with Real Wiseguys, a Vegas wedding and event planning service featuring the real deal, real wiseguys. Imagine having real dishonest to goodness wiseguys at your …