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Jeff Mudgett and picture of his great-great-grandfather, serial killer H. H. Holmes

Jeff Mudgett’s “Grand Jury” Examines H.H.Holmes Evidence as the Identity of Jack the Ripper!

Definition of a Grand Jury The purpose of a grand jury in US law is to decide whether there is enough evidence presented by the prosecutor to file charges and proceed to trial. Typically grand juries are held in strict confidence, without a judge or lawyers present, however, evidence, exhibits, and testimony are held to strict courtroom rules of evidence before admission. Members of a grand jury may ask questions of witnesses and prosecutors to best understand the evidence being presented. Unlike a jury trial, a grand jury does not need to have a unanimous vote, but a majority in order to indict and the grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence, they only decide if the evidence is strong enough to file an indictment and take the case to trial. In his book, BLOODSTAINS, author Jeff Mudgett relates the account of his great-great-grandfather, the notorious serial killer H. H. Holmes (Herman Webster Mudgett), through the experience of discovering his ancestry, to investigating his every move through long hidden diaries belonging to Holmes. One chapter is …

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BLOODSTAINS Audio Book Available Now!

Whether in paperback or digital formats, BLOODSTAINS will keep you on the edge of your seat as page by page of Jeff Mudgett’s story of discovery about his great-great-grandfather, Herman Webster Mudgett, who is identified as America’s most prolific serial killer, H. H. Holmes, unfolds.   BLOODSTAINS audio book is read by Kim Estes, star of Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, and more (IMDb listing)! It’s hard to describe how this incredible story sounds! Listen now to a teaser: Far more than a documentary, Bloodstains is precariously balanced on the very edge between non-fiction and the paranormal, as the author’s research of his evil ancestor quickly takes on a personal aspect. Jeff soon fears his efforts may have awakened the legendary ‘Holmes Curse’ of the 1890s, the one investigated and written about by most of the nation’s major publications, including The New York Times. In fact, the deeper he digs into Holmes’ devilish past, the stronger the monster’s hold on him seems to become, testing the limits of his own sanity, as well as humanity. Racked …

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“Haunted History” Explores Basement of Chicago Murder Castle

Watch the episode of Haunted History’s The Murder Castle and see first hand Jeff Mudgett’s journey through the basement as described in Chapter 27 of BLOODSTAINS. On July 26, 2013 The History Channel aired the story of Jeff Mudgett’s investigation of long, lost relative, Herman Webster Mudgett, aka serial killer H. H. Holmes, by re-creating his experience written in Chapter 27 of BLOODSTAINS.  Viewers were taken down into the bowels of the remains of the infamous “Murder Castle” located at 63rd and Wallace in Chicago, now the site of a United States Post Office. As described in BLOODSTAINS, employees of the Post Office refused to set foot in the basement, the door downward kept barricaded, and only certain parts used as storage, but not many had ventured into the winding hallways built by Holmes in 1893. Contained within those hallways were rooms he used to trap his victims, perform despicable experiments, and ultimately, dispose of the bodies. For those not familiar with H. H. Holmes and his “Murder Castle” built during the construction of the  World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in …