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Pastor Neil Schori Appears on Justice with Judge Jeanine Discussing Drew Peterson Conviction

Saturday, September 8, Neil Schori discusses his role in the trial of Drew Peterson on Justice with Judge Jeanine After almost five years of guarding his testimony, Pastor Neil Schori finally got the chance to tell a jury about his conversation with missing Stacy Peterson which helped the jury return a guilty verdict in the trial of Drew Peterson, charged with 1st degree murder in the bathtub death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. Schori repeatedly turned down recent interview requests to preserve any breach of integrity in his testimony before the trial, and it seems it was a smart move as the guilty verdict was read today, September 6, 2012, and justice was served for Kathleen Savio. The jury requested readings of two key witness testimonies, that of Neil Schori and divorce attorney, Harry Smith, before concluding their deliberations and finding Peterson guilty of murder in the first degree. Justice with Judge Jeanine host, Jeanine Pirro, is a former Westchester District Attorney who successfully prosecuted many murder cases before joining Fox News …