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The Woodlands High School,Dottie Laster speaker

Dottie Laster Speaks to Students at The Woodlands High School

The Woodlands High School Mission Statement The Woodlands High School is dedicated to preparing its students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens by providing a safe environment, offering challenging programs, promoting high expectations, and emphasizing student learning and development through a variety of resources. Human trafficking, and how it claims it’s victims, is one of the most critical messages our youth need to hear in order to become aware of the tactics traffickers use to lure them into dangerous situations, how they gain their trust, leading them into a world they never knew existed. Dottie Laster, CEO of Laster Global Consulting,  will bring this message to the students of The Woodlands High School on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Dottie Laster will speak about the grooming practices of traffickers, both on the victim level as well as the community level.  While traffickers often prey upon vulnerable youth, there is an increase of young teens being lured by traffickers who are good students and come from stable family situations. The role of some traffickers is  to gain the trust of …