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True Crime Classics: Serial Killers too Close to Home!

True Crime Classics airs Thursdays 1pm ET on  Here Women Talk! Burl Barer, his daughter, Anea Barer and Don Woldman discuss her experience with Serial Killers!  Anea Barer met the Green River Killer and lived to talk about it, went to school with the daughter of the Spokane Serial Killer, and did a job interview over the phone while the interviewer was holding a young boy captive, chained to his bed!   Yes, Anea knows true crime, radio and much more. The stark realization that the deaths of seven women since late summer 1997, four of whom were killed during the year’s final weeks, were the work of a serial killer, renewed fears among the public and law enforcement officials alike that the infamous and elusive Green River Killer had found a new killing ground in and around Spokane, Washington. It was only talk and speculation, fueled in large part by the numbers of bodies being found and the fact that many of the victims were prostitutes. The talk and speculation were only quelled by the …