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Scandal in the Secret City, Manhattan Project, Diane Fanning

SCANDAL IN THE SECRET CITY by Diane Fanning: Win a FREE Copy from Goodreads

Scheduled for release in November, 2014, Scandal in the Secret City: A World War Two Mystery set in Tennesee, is Diane Fanning’s latest historical novel, and her first featuring the character, Libby Clark. From August 1-September 1 readers can enter for a chance to win one of 10 free autographed copies before the launch date!   Oak Ridge, Tennessee, otherwise known as the Secret City, rose seemingly overnight in 1942, built by the US Government. No one was quite sure what its purpose was or where it came from, but there was certainly something going on . . . Libby Clark, a gutsy Bryn Mawr graduate, is determined to find her place as a scientist in a world where women are thought better suited to housework and marriage. As the only female scientist in the top-secret facility, Libby is excited to begin what she believes is important government research. She soon begins to suspect, however, that not all is as it seems. And to make matters worse, one frosty night she discovers the dead body …

Chain Reaction, Diane Fanning, Lucinda Pierce crime novel

Diane Fanning Giving it Away on Goodreads! CHAIN REACTION

Fans of author Diane Fanning and her Lucinda Pierce series will be excited to enter her book giveaway contest on Goodreads! From July 1 to August 1 readers will have the chance to enter the contest to win a signed copy of CHAIN REACTION. CHAIN REACTION is the 7th book in the crime novel series featuring main character, Lt. Lucinda Pierce, the tough female cop, depicted with complex emotion and heart, overcoming her own personal distresses and skillfully performing her duties as an officer of the law. Woven within each of the books is a glimpse into other underlying issues of importance, from domestic violence to care taking duties of an Alzheimer’s patient, and, in CHAIN REACTION, the possibility of terrorism. CHAIN REACTION One quiet Sunday morning, homicide investigator Lucinda Pierce is called out to a bomb blast at a local high school. It seems the caretaker has been fatally wounded in the explosion and there is one other unidentified body. A bomb blast points towards suspected terrorism so, much to her annoyance, Lucinda is pulled off …