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Investigating Innocence: The High Cost of Justice

Defense attorneys and private investigators across the country are bombarded by families who believe their loved ones are innocently incarcerated, convicted of a crime they did not commit. Some have served prison sentences exceeding 20 years, many on death row. What does it take to find justice within our current system? Management Resources LTD of NY principles, Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin worked for a year to investigate the wrongful conviction of Jonathan Fleming, and believe it or not, other cases are more complex. But, most cases of true wrongful conviction exhibit some of the same elements as the Fleming case. From Kim Anklin’s Questions From the Class Series, she explains some of the key factors discovered in the Fleming investigation: Flawed police work and tunnel vision – The detectives conducting the investigation failed to properly follow-up on the information provided to them by the witness who provided them with the names and physical description of three men who should have been considered logical suspects. Witness intimidation by the police – according to several people we spoke to, shortly after the …