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MOB TALK RADIO with Dennis Griffin Welcomes Ex-Mobster, Frank Cullotta

MOB TALK on Crime Wire Radio On Wednesday, October 12, 9pm ET, co-hosts Andrew DiDonato and Denny Griffin will welcome former Chicago and Las Vegas mobster Frank Cullotta to MOB TALK on Crime Wire Radio. Listen LIVE….click here Frank Cullotta was born in Chicago in 1938. He began his decades-long criminal career as a teenager, graduating from petty theft to burglary, armed robbery, arson and murder. While growing up he met another young tough on the streets of the Windy City: Tony Spilotro. The two boys became friends and criminal allies. As they grew older Frank preferred to operate independent of the Mob. But Tony went on to become a made man and feared enforcer of the Chicago Outfit. And in 1971 the Outfit bosses sent him to Las Vegas to keep an eye on their casino interests. Returning to Chicago after being released from prison in 1974, Frank was invited to join Tony in Sin City. It was an offer he initially declined. But by 1979 Frank was under intense pressure from law enforcement in Chicago and agreed to join Tony in Vegas. His role was to watch Tony’s back and apply muscle as …

Denny Griffin Vegas Unwrapped! Celebrating Mob History Month in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Mob Author, Dennis Griffin, along with former mob members, Andrew DiDonato, Henry Hill and Frank Cullotta join in a panel discussion on the popular radio show “Vegas Unwrapped” on January 19!  What looks like a meeting of the mob minds can be seen on video! Aaron Phillips & Ricky Cash of Vegas Unwrapped, interview: Andrew DiDonato, Henry Hill, Frank Cullota, author Dennis Griffin and more LIVE from the Green Valley Ranch Hotel & Casino: Watch and Listen to the round table discussion on the Vegas Unwrapped Website! Dennis Griffin played host to the panel on BlogTalk Radio!  Tune in to hear the great conversation! Las Vegas and the Mob Special Event! Mob History Month in Las Vegas Nevada! What happened in Vegas is now on the Airwaves!   To learn even more about former Gambino crime family member, Andrew DiDonato, pick up a copy of the new book, “Surviving the Mob” written by author, Dennis Griffin!