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Southern Fried Homicide: The Mary Winkler Case with Diane Fanning

Southern murder, is it different than murder anywhere else? You decide! Southern Fried Homicide, a new program on Investigation Discovery, is covering murder made in the South. The featured case starting on Wednesday, June 26 is the Mary Winkler case written about by Diane Fanning in her book THE PASTOR’S WIFE. When Pastor Matthew Winkler was found dead at his Fourth Street Church of Christ parsonage in Selmer, Tennessee, both police investigators and parishioners were shaken and mystified: How could evil strike this cradle of faith? Meanwhile, Mrs. Winkler and her three daughters were still missing… A frantic search for Mary Winkler and the girls ensued. Once they were found, on a beach in Alabama, Mary was charged with murdering her husband in cold blood. But why did Mary pull the trigger? What sexual and psychological abuses did she allege she had suffered?   In the months that followed, the crime—and the Winkler’s marriage—would be exposed by the national media; Mary herself even appeared on Oprah. Set in a world of domineering men, obedient wives, and unshakable …