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What are Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets? Are They Protected?

  Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation, or the sole proprietor of a small business, you’ve invested in your livelihood with money, time, and a lot of sweat equity. Are your assets well protected? What are some of the simple things a company can do to protect itself from fraud, theft, and employee related risks? Thorough pre-employment background checks Investigations into any likelihood of property or information theft Forensic accounting to determine a potential of money laundering or asset fraud Assessments to ascertain any negative results of substance abuse, sick leave and workers comp abuse, or propensity to violence Management Resources LTD of NY can help businesses of any size assess their risks and compile a plan of action specific to the individual company. Using state of the art technology and analysis their team will present an objective opinion about the way your assets should be protected, as well as key executives and their families. Important questions to think about: What are the legitimate risks to the executive and their family? Where …