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Shattered Lives: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Guest Elmire Ravin

  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is honored every October, often competing with other worthy, and more well known issues. To be sure there is exposure to the intimate partner violence cause, Shattered Lives Radio welcomes back previous guest, Elmire Ravin, Executive Director of My Sister’s House located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Listeners will learn about not only the issue of domestic violence, but the work of advocates and organizations across the country who have been working to make changes in the way the issue is perceived. While there have been many advances in education and awareness over the years, victims are still being asked, “why don’t you just leave?” With the national attention on the NFL, especially the very public incident involving Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice and his then girlfriend. The spotlight has been turned back on as it is when there is a celebrity or professional athlete involved in intimate partner violence. This is the time everyone must push to make quick advances before the light goes dim and the story stops …