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Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury: Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Natural Pain Control

Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury NEW now broadcasting 7 days a week on WFXB FOX TV Natural Pain Control with Dr. Frank Shallenberger With millions of people addicted to pain killers, there must be a better way for doctors to control chronic pain and restore their patients to optimum health. Dr. Frank Shallenberger pioneered Prolozone therapy as a way to treat and heal chronic pain. Not just a prescription narcotic to mask the pain, but a therapy to get to the root cause of the pain and restore the physical injury or point of pain. Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. Dalal Akoury bring this information to viewers who may be long time sufferers of chronic pain to show there is a better way to be helped. Dr. Dalal Akoury Host of Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury, Dalal Akoury, MD is fellowship trained and certified in anti-aging functional, metabolic and regenerative medicine, as well as having more than twenty years of accumulated experience in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and a master’s degree in public health. She has …