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Shattered Lives: Anne Seymour Returns with FREE Resources

When a violent crime occurs to an individual, or within a family, victims often don’t know what to do after the initial call to police, and they don’t realize that there are resources available to them, often for free. Host Donna R. Gore welcomes Anne Seymour’s return to Shattered Lives Radio as a champion advocate, and she’s bringing information about FREE resources from her vast contribution to the rights of victims. What happens after the initial call to law enforcement? Who or what does a crime victim turn to for help and healing? Shattered Lives Radio listeners will have the opportunity to learn about resources for specific crime victims, i.e. domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as organizations who assist all victims of crime and value their rights. They will discuss the importance of victim assistance from national programs as well as the necessity for professional victim impact statements in court. Anne Seymour Anne Seymour has 30 years of experience as a national victim advocate.  She is a Co-founder of and Senior Advisor to …

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Shattered Lives: Dr. Cindy Hatfield Inside the Mind of Criminals

Shattered Lives Radio host, Donna R. Gore, continues interviews with experts who work with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI). She welcomes renown criminal profiler, Dr. Cindy Hatfield to talk about what goes on in the mind of a criminal. Using her expertise and knowledge, Hatfield has consulted on several high-profile crimes and is able to is able to analyze a crime scene and give a detailed description of the criminal’s probable behaviors, habits, appearance, psychological make up,  and if they are a danger to others or themselves. Not only has Dr. Hatfield worked with investigators on high-profile crimes, but she has worked with federal corrections, undercover, with juvenile gangs, and of course, with CCIRI Executive Director, Sheryl McCollum and her students offering her expert opinion on cold cases. Tune in for the conversation about crime, profiling, and the upcoming “From the Scene of the Crime” teaching tour with experts and students affiliated with CCIRI. Shattered Lives: Dr. Cindy Hatfield Inside the Mind of Criminals

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Shattered Lives: Attorney Holly Hughes and Sheryl McCollum, “From the Scene of the Crime”

Preparing to travel across America for the first national “From the Scene of the Crime” teaching tour, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) will be visiting several actual crime scenes with experts and students. One of the experts who works closely with CCIRI founder, Sheryl McCollum, Attorney Holly Hughes, joins the show to talk about the upcoming tour and give listeners information about the stops and what is expected along the way. Holly Hughes served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, GA where she prosecuted high-profile cases, and currently is in private practice in Atlanta. She’s a well-known fixture on HLN and CNN appearing with Nancy Grace, Don Lemon, and other news networks as a legal analyst. Hughes uses her legal expertise as a teaching tool for students involved in the ever-expanding network of volunteers at CCIRI and was an instructor at the recent CUE Center for Missing Persons national conference. Cold Case Investigative Research Institute is a partnership of several public, private and for-profit universities that gives students …

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WildBlue Press Author Series Comes to Shattered Lives Radio

What do you get when you combine best-selling and award-winning authors, with a sprinkle of rising stars, and the ever evolving publishing industry? WildBlue Press! Shattered Lives Radio is honored to host a series of interviews with the stable of WildBlue Press authors, highlighting their careers and upcoming books, along with getting to know a great bunch of writers. Shattered Lives Radio, hosted by Donna R. Gore, is a crime related talk show covering the aftermath of crime and tragedy with surviving victims, investigative and judicial resources, and those who advocate for them. The WildBlue Press Author Series highlights those who write about crime (true crime and crime novels), often spending countless hours researching and interviewing surviving victims and their families in order to present the facts from all perspectives. Carolina Sarassa-April 4 Carolina Sarassa is 3-time Emmy® award and a 4-time National Gabriel award-winning News Anchor and Correspondent for MundoFOX National Network News in Los Angeles. Prior to joining MundoFOX, Sarassa was the Anchor and Producer for Univision’s KINC in Las Vegas and a Correspondent for News Magazine …

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Shattered Lives Radio: Guest, Author F. Mark Granato and a lot of History

“To make a living, or to make a life?” was the question burning through the mind of F. Mark Granato for years. As his lucrative, but demanding, career was taking off, sending him to emerging markets throughout the world, he realized there was something missing in his life, a void which needed to be filled, his dream of becoming a writer. With his sixth book recently published, Granato has accomplished a large part of the dream, being who he was meant to be and finding happiness in it. Mark Granato’s historic novels are inspired by conversations with his grandfather at a young age. Learning about important events of the 20th century, like the sinking of the Titanic (Titanic: The Final Voyage), Charles Lindburgh (Beneath His Wings: The Plot to Murder Lindbergh) and the 1938 Connecticut hurricane (Of Winds and Rage), gave Granato the foundation for his first three books. He then began to recall and research underreported or obscure events in New England history for the basis of his next three books which cover the story …