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LadyJustice, Donna R. Gore

What Does National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Look Like for LadyJustice, Donna R. Gore?

On April 17, 1981, 47-year-old father of 3, Donald Gore, was senselessly shot 5 times in Hartford, CT and left to die. His family didn’t understand why he didn’t come home that night until reading a story in the newspaper the next morning describing the shooting of an unknown man. They immediately called the Hartford Police Department and their nightmare began. Eventually a man was arrested for the murder, but within the timeframe of the murder of Donald Gore, he had taken yet another life. The surviving crime victim family waited 6 long years for the trial, and was relieved that the murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The family was told at sentencing, “this guy will never get out.”  But, wait a minute, what exactly does that mean? On April 24, 2013, the family of Donald Gore will be subjected to the first parole hearing for the man who murdered their husband and father. Occurring right in the middle of National Crime Victims’ Rights week, this crime surviving family will have to re-live …