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Launch of Document the Abuse Campaigns for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Document the Abuse ( is gearing up awareness campaigns for October  to coincide with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Campaigns will be launched across all social media channels as well as through outreach to individuals and community organizations. Pastor Neil Schori of Naperville Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois has developed a campaign that will address the faith-based community and it’s role in assisting victims of intimate partner violence.  ( Schori hopes to encourage leaders to become safe havens for victims of abuse and to duplicate what he has set up in his home church. According to Schori, “Victims often have limited resources available to seek immediate and long-term help when leaving an abusive relationship, especially those considered high risk. We have established a system of counseling and referrals, along with assisting victims in preparing an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA), which we intend to bring to other church leaders.” The EAA was developed during the high-profile disappearance of Stacy Peterson when Schori, who was Peterson’s pastor, was approached by intimate partner violence prevention activist, Susan Murphy-Milano. Together they were able to utilize …

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Shattered Lives: Stopping a Domestic Violence Offender

  October is traditionally designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Shattered Lives Radio takes great pleasure in bringing back High Point, NC Police Chief Marty Sumner to help educate listeners about offender based policy initiatives. Chief Sumner was first introduced to the show in August, 2014 and listeners were able to get an overview of the success of the proactive approach to domestic violence cases and how statistics have decreased in his jurisdiction since its inception. For details on the previous show and to listen to the podcast click here Consider this : 1)  Re-arrest rates In the first two years of implementation re-offense rates using this deterrence program were only 9% per 1.000 + perpetrators as compared tov a 20-34% range typically found elsewhere. 2) In High Pont, since 2009, homicide rated dropped from 33% to 6 % (1 in 16) which were IPV related using the deterrence program. By recognizing that offenders consistently escalate if not held accountable, resulting in increased family violence and often murder, Chief Sumner’s program has shown a …

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Shattered Lives: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Guest Elmire Ravin

  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is honored every October, often competing with other worthy, and more well known issues. To be sure there is exposure to the intimate partner violence cause, Shattered Lives Radio welcomes back previous guest, Elmire Ravin, Executive Director of My Sister’s House located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Listeners will learn about not only the issue of domestic violence, but the work of advocates and organizations across the country who have been working to make changes in the way the issue is perceived. While there have been many advances in education and awareness over the years, victims are still being asked, “why don’t you just leave?” With the national attention on the NFL, especially the very public incident involving Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice and his then girlfriend. The spotlight has been turned back on as it is when there is a celebrity or professional athlete involved in intimate partner violence. This is the time everyone must push to make quick advances before the light goes dim and the story stops …

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Voice Actress Amy Robinson Creates Domestic Violence PSAs

  Many organizations, advocates and citizens across the country are promoting national Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October raising awareness and educating the public about the nuances of violence in the home using traditional gatherings, events and speeches. One woman who thinks outside the box has taken awareness a step further by creating FREE public service announcements to be used by any radio host, podcaster, or any means of broadcasting. Amy Robinson has a stake in Domestic Violence Awareness Month, losing her sister to murder in 2011. She created the blog, Justice for Nique, in memory of her murdered sister as a way of releasing her own emotions and being a resource for others. Dominique “Niqué” Chatham Leili was murdered in July, 2011. Her husband, Matthew, is the only suspect. Her body was found concealed in the woods near the entrance to her subdivision in Lawrenceville, GA. Her husband has fled the state, and taken their two young daughters, Amanda and Rebecca, with him. This blog is to fight for Niqué’s memory – to provide a voice …

In Memory of Susan Murphy Milano

Today (Oct.28) marks the 1 year anniversary of Susan’s death. What better way to remember her than to read and learn from the posts that she left behind. There are literally thousands of messages from her at Murphy Milano’s Journal, all indignantly calling for the safety of abuse victims. “But for those fearful or unable to seek service from a domestic violence shelter provider, there is a book available that will take a victim from living in fear to a plan, with a roadmap to safety. ” MurphyMilano’s Journal DocumentTheAbuse.Com HoldingMyHandThroughHell.Com ConqueringCancer.Me Related articles The Roth Show: Anny Jacoby Discusses Personal Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Victims ( Michelle S. Cruz Talks to Dr. Laurie Roth About Rights of Domestic Violence Victims ( Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Change Is Here, Action! ( Your Health is Wealth with Dr. Akoury: Domestic Violence Awareness Month ( Neil Schori Keynote Speaker at “Take Back the Night” Event (