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A ‘Family’ Business: The Life and Times of Joey “The Fixer” Silvestri ImaginePublicity on Air Interview with Author Dennis Griffin

  Award-winning Mob author Dennis Griffin joins forces with Joey “the Fixer” Silvestri to tell a tale of a bygone era when organized crime dominated New York City. It was a time when neighborhood bosses controlled their turf and some cops would look the other way for the right price. Your best friend one day might want you dead the next. It was a violent life in which only the strong survived. Joe Silvestri was a tough kid from the mean streets of New York. He went from street brawler to wearing a tux at the glamorous Copacabana. He eventually provided “muscle” for the Mob, a highly respected and feared fixer—the guy you went to if you had a problem that needed to be resolved. He followed Mob protocol when having a sit down with an adversary: You never break bread with the enemy. Order A Family Business here:

the New Crime Wire

Dennis Griffin Revives Crime Wire Podcast

No stranger to the airwaves, Dennis Griffin has been involved in several online radio shows, including Meet the Author, Justice Seekers, Writer’s Tricks of the Trade, We Know a Guy, and since 2008, Crime Wire. The original Crime Wire featured a team of experts from various aspects of the criminal justice system, many who will be returning as guests to weigh in on case facts. One of the popular co-hosts of the original Crime Wire show was the late Susan Murphy-Milano who had the ability to light the fire under several cases that will be updated in upcoming podcasts. Her dedication and teamwork contributed to later resolutions for several cases highlighted on Crime Wire. Producing and co-hosting duties fall to Delilah Jones and ImaginePublicity who has always had a hand behind the scenes performing various social media marketing and promotional functions. The NEW Crime Wire seeks to continue the mission; to be a place where families can present their cases to the experts, the listening audience, and possibly create movement in those which seem to be …

Shattered Lives: Seeking Justice for Sgt. Patrick Rust

Shattered Lives Radio host Donna R. Gore welcomes former NY Investigator and full time crime author, Denny Griffin to give listeners an update on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Sgt. Patrick Rust. Working with the Rust family, Griffin has worked diligently to uncover the clues that will resolve many of the unanswered questions. Sgt. Patrick Rust was assigned to the 10thMountain Division headquartered at Fort Drum in Watertown, New York. In January 2007, he returned from deployment to Afghanistan. Following a 30 day leave he was back on post. The then 24-year-old Rust was a local boy and was familiar with Watertown and the surrounding area. He didn’t have a driver’s license or vehicle. On Wednesday, March 14, 2007, Sgt. Rust moved most of his personal effects from the barracks on base to share an apartment with a fellow soldier at 156 Sterling Street, Apartment 4, in Watertown. The following day Patrick rode back to the apartment with his new roommate after they were released from duty at around 5 pm. At around 6:30 they …