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Beyond the Norm hosted by Chip Reichenthal

ImaginePublicity Guests on Beyond the Norm Talk Radio!

  While Beyond the Norm is a radio show historically geared towards paranormal research and it’s fans, host Chip Reichenthal is stepping out of this realm to do interviews highlighting what he terms “remarkable women.” ImaginePublicity and Delilah Jones had the great honor to be chosen as part of the series! Listeners will learn about the background of ImaginePublicity and how it was created circa 2008, a time when social media marketing was experiencing an increase, the process to become a selected client of the company, and how we work individually with clients to assist in their plans. During the interview it’s explained how clients qualify and how we start from where they are, using our combined skills, brainstorming, and collaboration to create strategies to become more exposed to targeted audiences using the services provided by ImaginePublicity. Some highlights of the discussion between Chip and Delilah! Background and creation of ImaginePublicity Client selection process Those seeking fame, media “fame whoring,” and the pitfalls Passion of issue oriented clients How to deal with negative remarks and emotions CUE Center for Missing Persons, …