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HOW TO SPOT A DANGEROUS MAN by Sandra L. Brown Goes Global!

Every once in a while readers’ demand can categorize a book as a “classic.” Sandra L. Brown’s “How to Spot a Dangerous Man” is one such book in the realm of women’s self-help. Brown’s experience, education and research qualifies her as an expert in the field and she’s offered assistance to all women who may be in, or considering, a new dating experience. Brown defines a dangerous man as any man who hurts a woman emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, or financially. For many women it takes significant time to heal from the experiences, they often continue to choose the same qualities in the next man.  How to Spot a Dangerous Man helps women recognize their own patterns and stop the cycle of choosing dangerously. First published in 2005, How to Spot a Dangerous Man has recently been launched in 5 languages. Dangerous men are not confined to one area of the world, and now women can be educated by the information contained in the book all over the globe and learn to apply the knowledge …