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The Roth Show: Obamacare from the Perspective of a Physician

Join Dr. Laurie Roth weekdays at 7-10pm Pacific, 10pm-1am Eastern Listen LIVE or to the Archive: Obamacare and what it means to America’s physicians Dr. Laurie Roth has been writing and talking about Obamacare for quite some time, warning Americans of it’s dangers and pointing out its precipitous direction. With deadlines looming before Americans who will be fined for not subscribing to Obamacare, millions who are trying to fill out the applications and can’t get through to the site to do so. Epic FAIL! All the while billions in fines will be collected for this failure of a healthcare system, causing the nation’s citizens to be put into a catch-22 situation. Joining The Roth Show is Dr. Dalal Akoury, a private practice physician and emergency room doctor. Akoury has been in the front line of health care for the last 25 years and is already seeing the effects Obamacare is having on the hospitals, practices and, most important, the patients seeking care. Fearing for the future of healthcare, Dr. Dalal Akoury‘s practice has a …