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Shattered Lives: Police Stories with Jerry Longo

LISTEN HERE! Shattered Lives Radio Host Donna R. Gore did some research back in 2012 for her story The First, the Proud and the Many:The Connecticut State Police Back in the late 1880s, and early 1900’s, police were occupied with the matters of prohibition, the vice squad, and labor disputes. Such areas of concern were frequently ignored due to political influence or local officers  “being on the take.” Public protest spawned a new breed of law enforcement known as” State Police Forces.” The history of the first state police organization is rich and filled with interesting information, much of it linked in the above article. Shattered Lives will take listeners a step further in relaying some of the history of the organization which started with only a handful of officers to over 1400 on staff today. Jerry Longo is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut State Police Academy Alumni Association Museum and Educational Center located in Meriden, CT. The museum displays the rich history of the Connecticut State Police through photographs, displays and video …