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Crime Wire Investigates! What’s Up With Coaches?

You can hear Crime Wire Investigates beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern. Also, please visit our Crime Wire Website. Together we can make a difference. LISTEN LIVE: Crime Wire Team members Vito Colucci, Jr. and Tom Shamshak will be hosting the discussion Tuesday, November 29.  Taking a look at the headlines surrounding the scandals about well known sports coaches! Crime Wire will be analyzing three high profile cases involving allegations of sexual abuse and sexual improprieties allegedly committed by sports coaches. These three cases are the buzz of the media and have caught the attention of the entire nation. The first case to be analyzed is that of Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky who is facing 40 counts of sexual abuse. The second case involves allegations against Bernie Fine, the associate head basketball coach at Syracuse University. The third case involves allegations against Michael Pickering, a former coach of the freshman high school football team in Westport, Ct.